In addition to our core business of manufacturing trussed rafters, we also produce a range of high quality engineered beams and trusses.

Glulam Beams

Glulam Beams are mainly used as structural features often in public buildings, although they can be used as lintels/purlins. The high specification finger jointed laminates enable long lengths to be manufactured.

Quality assured production mean the beams are consistent both in sizing and dimensional stability.

JJi Joists

JJi Joists are lightweight manufactured beams which offer many advantages over ordinary joists. They are supplied cut to length, easy to handle and install, capable of large spans.

JJi Joists can also be used for flat and pitched roofs, or even as studs for external walls.

Weyroc Flooring

The majority of our customers request that a waterproof decking is supplied at the time of joist delivery. For this purpose we offer Weyroc protect P5 which is guaranteed weatherproof for up to 42 days after being laid.

The advantages include less risk of accidents making it better for Health and Safety, also blocks etc. can be loaded out directly onto the boards.


Posi-joists are gaining in popularity with the domestic market as well as the more established commercial sector. Although the main use is for floors, they are also used for both flat and pitched roofs.

Specifically manufactured for each project, Posi-Joists combine the lightness of timber with the strength of the Posi-Strut steel web - you can span far greater distances than would be possible with timber products. They offer ease of installation for services as well as an excellent strength to weight ratio.

Feature Trusses

Feature trusses can be anything you want! Although the more common requirement is for Oak, Pine is not far behind. Joints can be of various types, mortice and tenon, steel plates and bolts or threaded rod and bolts.

Timber Frame

Timber Frame is designed and manufactured by our associate company Frame-Tech Structures Limited located at Barnsley. Timber frame is rapidly gaining in popularity to meet ever changing building regulation requirements, with projects ranging from domestic dwellings to large commercial projects such as, schools, hotels and offices.

In addition to timber frame panels we also manufacture Spandrel/closed panels as well as floor cassettes.

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