Trussed Rafters

Trussed Rafters have been around for many years, but are constantly evolving for todays needs.

More and more trusses are used for commercial properties; Shops, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, etc. as well as an ever growing requirement for 'Room in Roof' trusses.

We can and have manufactured 'standard' trusses to over 20 metres in span. Our current record for 'Attic' trusses is 16 metres for a nursery roof.

Trussed Rafter Shapes

Attic Bobtail / stub end Cantilever
attic bobtail cantilever
Double W Fan
double w fan
Fink Flat Top Howe
fink flat top howe
King Post Mono Pitch Parallel Chord
king post mono 2/2 parallel
Queen Post Raised Tie Scissor
queen post raised tie scissor
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