Flooring Systems

Flooring systems from Truss-Tech can be produced using several methods and/or materials. See below for more information.


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Flooring Systems from Truss-Tech

Accompanying our roof truss production we also supply flooring systems.

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Posi-Joist / Metal Web Beams

Posi-joists are gaining in popularity with the domestic market as well as the more established commercial sector. Although the main use is for floors, they can also be used for both flat and pitched roofs.

Specifically manufactured for each project, Posi-Joists combine the lightness of stress graded timber with the strength of the Posi-Strut steel web – you can span far greater distances than would be possible with ordinary timber. They offer ease of installation for services as well as an excellent strength to weight ratio.

Metal web beams are outperforming many of the common floor systems today. Not only for their load-bearing qualities and span potential, but also due to the easy installation and manipulation of services through the open joist that is designed for beam stability and strength. Metal web beams are quick and easy to install, reducing labour time and costs.

Masonite I Beam

Again, these floor and roof beams enable longer spans than timber, and are all cut to length in our premises to suit your project.

Weyroc Flooring

Once laid and sealed, it provides a safe working platform for both loading out and working from – a major benefit from a health and safety perspective.

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Truss-Tech is a highly specialised company with a reputation for problem free timber engineering solutions.


Trusted and established since 1991